Rishika Tibrewala – Instagram Volunteer

Rishika Instagram Volunteer

Rishika, a graduate in Fashion Marketing and Branding, is characterised by her optimism, self-motivation, and meticulousness. She thrives under pressure, excels in time management, and possesses a blend of critical and creative thinking.

Rishika’s professional journey includes roles such as a Social Media Intern at The PHA Group, where she managed diverse social media campaigns, contributed to client onboarding, and conducted in-depth reporting. Her experience extends to roles as a Warehouse Operative, Social Media Assistant, and Sales and Marketing Intern, where she demonstrated her prowess in diverse areas, from customer engagement to marketing campaign development. With a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Marketing and Branding from Nottingham Trent University, Rishika’s passion for fashion and her dedication to excellence make her a valuable asset in the marketing and branding realm.