Chris Morris – Funding and Sponsorship

Chris Morris Sponsorship Director Fashion Fiesta

Chris Morris Founded SHOO Social Media along with Rachel Hatfield – Founder of Fashion Fiesta.

Chris has forged a diverse and fascinating career path, beginning with his stint at a children’s theme park in Boston, USA, followed by adventurous backpacking across Europe. His journey then took him through the realms of telesales and management roles before eventually leading him into the field of education.

Over the span of eight years, Chris passionately dedicated himself to teaching at several inner-city primary schools in Leeds and Bradford. Surprisingly, he chose to retire from teaching at the relatively youthful age of 33 to embark on an exciting new venture alongside Rachel, founding Shoo.

SHOO, a prominent marketing consultancy based in West Yorkshire, specialises in strategy development, training, and the effective implementation of digital marketing strategies. Notably, Chris’s deep understanding of the challenging communities, having grown up in areas like Braithwaite in Keighley, has fueled his desire to support young people seeking transformation and positive change. His multifaceted experiences bring a unique perspective to both the world of marketing and community empowerment.