Joanna Hardy – Marketing

Joanna Hardy Marketing Volunteer

An accomplished manager with a rich history of success in the hospitality industry.

Her skill set is as diverse as it is impressive, encompassing analytical prowess, top-notch editing abilities, captivating presentation skills, and a talent for creative writing and management. During the challenges of lockdown, Joanna took a bold entrepreneurial step, launching her own marketing business with a specialisation in content writing.

At Fashion Fiesta, we are thrilled to have Joanna as part of our team. She possesses a unique gift for uncovering and amplifying the distinctive voice for our brand, a testament to her boundless passion for writing that radiates in every project she undertakes.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Joanna finds inspiration in the company of her loyal companion, Milton, a spirited cocker spaniel. Her best ideas often emerge during their exhilarating runs, a reflection of her dynamic and creative approach to both her work and life.